Virginia Episcopal School

VES是一所男女同校的大学预科学校,面向9 - 12年级的寄宿和走读学生. In our intentionally small, 多样化和富有吸引力的社区——260名男女青年和40名教师——凯时体育指导学生在学术上努力达到完美的地位, ethical, spiritual and personal growth.

400 VES RoadLynchburg, Virginia24503

Life at VES

Come to VES for a transformative life experience! 学会在社区中成功地生活是你能获得的最重要的技能之一——与在课堂上获得的知识同样重要. 

In everything we do at VES, our goal is to help shape students who are joyful, 健康的年轻人努力追求最高水平的个人成就.

We live by a shared set of values—humility, honor and integrity, 参与和卓越——凯时体育所有的学生都积极参与到学校的生活中.

Here, you will build friendships that last a lifetime, try new things, expand your mind, grow in your independence, learn empathy and resilience, and discover who you are and who you want to become. 凯时体育会在旅途中享受很多乐趣. 

Before school begins each morning, during breaks, in chapel, assemblies and Fine Arts Fridays, through our Student Life program, over meals in the dining hall, and into afternoon and evening activities, and on dorm, students and faculty learn, connect and grow together in a safe, supportive environment.


Department Staff

Brendon Barrios

Titles: 学生生活主任|老师,全球文化|教练,足球

Liz Alford

Titles: 学生生活助理主任|老师,心理教练|,曲棍球,篮球,高尔夫

Esther Johnson

Titles: 负责学生生活、学生活动和国际学生的助理院长